03 April 2016

Celebrities in PickaFace

It is amazing to find so many celebrities in our PickaFace gallery. These avatars are made by our devoted users. Are they exactly the same? Well, it's a cartoon like picture, there is nothing as "exactly the same" or making mistake. It is an art as well, so it is very much about the feeling of the artist who draw it. However, most celebrity pictures in PickaFace are strikingly similar.

These are some of them. Go ahead click this link to go directly to avatars tagged with "celebrity" in PickaFace. Next time, if you are drawing your favorite celebrity, don't forget to place a tag "celebrity" when you save it.

Sylvester Stallone by Opi
Alicia Keys by serafim.autumn
Harry Potter by phantomeyer
Taylor Swift by  kyle.doroja
Miley Cyrus by wintergoddess

1 comment:

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