02 April 2016

Flip, move, and resize object

PickaFace is giving a lot more freedom in drawing a face. There is a feature that many users are not utilizing it optimally. You can actually flip, move, and resize an object. You will see one or more icon on top right corner of your picture. If those icons appear, that means you can flip, or move, or resize the object. Object means a mouth, eyes, and so on. Click on the icon to get information on how to utilize it.

Flip, move, and resize icon

Not all object could be flipped, moved, or resized. You will know it by looking at which icon is appearing while you are working with an object. If the icon does not appear, that means you cannot flip, move, or resize it.

When you click the icon, an information box will appear to guide you on how to use this feature. It's easy and very intuitive.

Hope this will help you creating the best profile picture or avatar that you wish to have. Have fun!


  1. To make a change, first select a thing to change and after that pick a change order. In the event that important, modify the reference point before controlling the change. You can play out a few controls in progression before applying the combined change. For instance, you can pick Scale and drag a handle to scale, and afterward pick Distort and drag a handle to twist. At that point press Enter or Return to apply the two changes.

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