02 April 2016

Ideas to use PickaFace for education

PickaFace could be a very useful tool for education purposes. Many ideas have been generated by our users, from assignment in school to having fun through an in-family-game. Here are several ideas that can be easily implemented and fun.

Dad and Mom
Grandpa and Grandma
My brother and me
  • School assignment. Teacher assign students to draw family trees using the app.
  • School assignment. Teacher assign students to draw someone related to a subject in curriculum (e.g. history, science, etc.)
  • School assignment. Teacher assign students to draw their own profile picture in different variations (formal, sporty, casual, etc.)
  • In-family-game. One member of family draw a picture, others will guess who the picture is.
  • In-family-game. One member is ask to draw a person that everybody knows, than all rate the result. After every other family member got their turn, a winner is decided.
Using a TV screen that connected to a desktop or notebook is recommended for in-family-game. The idea is that every member of the family could see the screen together.

Enjoy. Please share your thought and experience with others by writing a comment under this article.


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